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Psychedelic Island

Psychedelic Music & Music Production

Latest Music Production Tool Overviews:

Minimal Audio – Current Vst

This versatile synthesizer plugin is one of the best matches for electronic music and especially for psytrance production. The outstanding combination of high quality technologies and a flawless user interface integrate perfectly in your workflow.

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Festivals & Events:

Psy-fi Festival Netherlands

Psy-Fi Festival Netherlands

Nestled in the serene landscapes of the Netherlands, the Psy-Fi Festival stands as a beacon of unity, creativity, and spiritual

ZNA Gathering Portugal

ZNA Gathering Portugal

In the lush landscapes of Portugal, once every two years, a unique festival experience takes shape, transcending the conventional boundaries

Dancing people at Ozora Festival (Hungary)

Psytrance-Festivals worldwide

Western Europe Eastern Europe Northern Europe Southern Europe North America South America Central America South Africa South Africa is particularly


Spectra Sonics Psytrance DJ playing at a party

Spectra Sonics

Harnessing Soundscapes: The Psychedelic Symphony of Spectra Sonics
In the pulsating world of Psytrance, a genre known for its hypnotic rhythms and ethereal soundscapes, one name resonates with a unique vibrancy:

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Scion of Mars

Here an interview with my psy-friend Scion of Mars. On his website you can download his track “Gaya” for

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Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet Born in the United States is traveling a lot. I met him in Tenerife (Canary Islands / Spain)

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Psytrance in Finnland

Anni Murtosaari is one of the driving forces behind the Gothic-Hippie-Industrial-Psytrance scene in Finnland. How many parties do you do

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Vimana Shastra

Today I talk with Vimana Shastra / Dynamic Freakuencies. He is Co-Founder of Juicy Noise Records and lives in Oslo

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