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Vimana Shastra

Today I talk with Vimana Shastra / Dynamic Freakuencies. He is Co-Founder of Juicy Noise Records and lives in Oslo (Norway). He produces Psytrance since quite a couple of years with growing success.

What fascinates you about the psytrance culture?

What fascinates me about the psytrance culture is the kindness and the amazing people you meet around the world that either produces music or are simply into it and wanna dance and have a good time. I must also say that it fascinates me with all the good vibez and the creativity. When you are at festivals the decoration art is killer. And Producers out there get better and better.

What are your musical influences?

My musical influences are these, The Prodigy, Miranda (The Godmother of Goa Trance / Psytrance, Astrix, Man With No Name, Astral Projection, Captain Hook, Liquid Soul & Infected Mushroom

We as artists have a responsibility towards our audience. What is the keynote that you want to pass on to your listeners, what is your message?
My message is deep, and humble, stay positive, dance have fun and make peace, life is too short to be angry and make negative vibes. Forgive each others, cause its a gift from heaven as well as music. Music is a universal language and medicine for the mind body and spirit/ soul. I’m simply a medium, my melodies come from above, if you understand what i mean. PLUR Respect Unity Love n Light Namaste Om Namah Shivaya

And yes we artists have a lot of responsibility towards our fans audience etc, many do not understand that, what i mean is this, i see some, actually a lot of people, names are not important due to the fact to protect the ones i am talking about here but, I see a lot of ego trippin and some also even sends out bad energy and don’t realize that. It’s too much drama in the psytrance scene now. People getting jealous over nothing. Have in mind though that jealosuy tends to get the worst outta us. Now i don t judge no one its not up to me to judge people, but have in mind without your fans you were and would not be where you are now.

Please name one piece of your production gear you like and tell us why you like it.

One production gear that i like really a lot is hard to say cause theres a lot of them, but a few that stands out to me are these; zoom mic H6 and Roland System 8.i like system 8 by Roland cause its good for psychedelic sequences and fx and etc and easy to use. Fast workflow. I like zoom mic h6 because its very very good and small and portable so easy to carry around and and you can record stuff where ever you want when ever you want, such as birds nature water animals etc, good for intros on tracks, what you can’t make or produce you record.

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