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Magic shaman is a psychedelic project originally from Iran, which now is a UK citizen.

Magic shaman

Magic Shaman began His artistic journey in music at a young age, starting with hip hop. After producing hip hop beats, he discovered psychedelic music. Because of limitations he had in He’s country with government law, he moved out of his country and kept gaining knowledge and played at events globally. He is following
his passion for music and is living his dreams. Magic shaman produces different styles of Psychedelic music, such as Meditation frequencies, down tempo, Darkprog, Psytrance, Darkpsy and hi-tech.

But he focuses mainly on He’s psytrance and faster Psy Bandcamp He is a label DJ at Psy Funktion Records, Voodoo Hoodoo, Psyworld record, Aryavarta Records. He is a mastering engineer at Psyfunktion, Voodoo hoodoo and few more labels.

He has successfully organized unique indoor and open-air events in different countries such as the UK (Swansea, Glasgow, London), Greece, India, Georgia, and Iran. Furthermore, he’s passion about psychedelic music get he’s involved with a lot of lovely organizations around the globe.

Magic Shaman is a head label at Psy Funktion records, and he’s helping many artists in them journey.
Boom, Bhola Nath.

Music | Psyfunktion Records (

What fascinates you about Psy-Trance culture?

Let me put it this way, psytrance culture in my eye could be the lost and forgotten religion that we all had at some point in humanity.

I see a lot of good things inside our culture. The gatherings, the Dance floor energy and the healing environment all could lead to a potential awareness of us all, often we get some pure people that
look like they came to the culture by bigger meaning and purpose. Which is not only music related but in wider view is culture unbugging.

Yes that is true, a lot of us came to psychedelic as a lost person with a dark mind and our soul was sucked by matrix. What fascinate me about our culture is I could come finally somewhere and get accepted for who I am and gave me ways and opportunity to still find my inner peace and self-discipline.

What are your musical influences?

I get inspired mainly by labels work as it’s a team work. From when I remember, I tried to follow labels rather than keep my eye on my musical influences

What is your message to the world?

This is the though one I would say and really hard to put it all in the words, but I will try. Say some of them in my way of understanding. We all gather to dance on the same ground with gratitude, remember why we came together to build something like what. We have now?

Yes, somewhere deep down we all know it’s about unity and love. Sometimes we forgot fundamentals of our life and we get lost. And at the moment we feel lost a right music could change that

We should stop putting nonsense vocals and give wrong path. Music is a powerful tool. It could do much more than we imagine. All these frequencies and our story telling could give good and bad Path to the listeners. Why don’t we talk more about the fundamentals of spirituality?

As artists, we are responsible and as a listener as well we must be responsible and aware of what we are feeding our mind and body. Sooner or later, we all going to get to this understanding that everything is frequency and vibration.

Sadly these days our scene is moving more to business side and that means some of the money hungers looking for any opportunity. We shall save the scene before it is too late and keep up with our ceremonies and psy gathering to keep the spirit of forest and psychedelic wake within us.

When we dance and ride on these frequencies and feel one with everything’s around, it’s the natural ecstasy.

What are your favorite tools to create music?

This is a hard question. I personally love to experiment with a lot of different plugins / synths etc.

My favorite plugin in of course serum, It is just so nice to get any sound we need really from kick to bass,
and I like serum because possibilities are endless of how we really want to modulate the sound and I use it on my productions for my leads and fxs and mainly this type of sound that I like to create with serum.

The Second one of my favorite is VCV Rack. Because it could help anyone get to the modular side of music as well and dig more deep.

My third most use and fav is my own racks I build inside Ableton.

It’s just so much saved me time and headspace and give me fast work flow with infinite possibilities, and I get to have anything I really need mapped to macros and get the game going.

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