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Psytrance-Festivals worldwide

Dancing people at Ozora Festival (Hungary)

Western Europe

  1. Boom Festival – Portugal: A biennial event known for its focus on sustainability and spirituality.
  2. Ozora Festival – Hungary: One of the most famous psytrance festivals, celebrated for its immersive visual and auditory experience.
  3. Psy-Fi – Netherlands: Known for its inclusive environment and diverse range of psytrance styles.
  4. Antaris Project – Germany: One of the oldest European psytrance festivals, promoting peace and unity.
  5. Hadra Trance Festival – France: Combines music with visual arts, offering a vibrant and artistic experience.
  6. Freedom Festival – Portugal: Celebrates electronic music and various forms of artistic expression.
  7. Freaqs of Nature – Germany: Known for its underground psytrance scene.
  8. Transition Festival – Spain: A unique experience that blends music, nature, and spiritual workshops.

Eastern Europe

  1. Masters of Puppets – Czech Republic: Focuses on darker styles of psytrance and experimental music.
  2. Modem Festival – Croatia: Known for its unique blend of music and innovative stage designs.
  3. S.U.N. Festival – Hungary: Combines music with eco-friendly living and wellness activities.
  4. Kali Mela – Poland: Offers a spiritual experience with a focus on Indian culture and music.
  5. WAO Festival – Italy: Emphasizes ecological awareness and features diverse musical acts.
  6. Sunrise Festival – Romania: Celebrates the summer solstice with psytrance and electronic music.

Northern Europe

  1. Vuuv Festival – Germany: One of the longest-running and most respected festivals in the psytrance community.
  2. Noisily Festival – UK: Combines music, art, and consciousness in a beautiful forest setting.
  3. Shankra Festival – Switzerland: Offers a journey through psychedelic music and art.
  4. Psychedelic Circus – Germany: Blends circus themes with psychedelic trance music.

Southern Europe

  1. Atmosphere Festival – Portugal: Known for its vibrant atmosphere and scenic location.
  2. ZNA Gathering – Portugal: A retro and old-school focused festival, celebrating the roots of the psytrance movement.

North America

  1. Symbiosis Gathering – California, USA: Known for its fusion of music, art, and spirituality.
  2. Envision Festival – Costa Rica: A festival that blends psytrance with environmentalism and wellness.
  3. Eclipse Festival – Quebec, Canada: Celebrated for its stunning natural settings and immersive psychedelic experience.
  4. Lucidity Festival – California, USA: A transformational festival that offers a diverse range of music including psytrance.
  5. Gem & Jam Festival – Arizona, USA: Known for its vibrant music scene and crystalline decorations.

South America

  1. Universo Paralello – Brazil: One of the most famous New Year’s Eve psytrance festivals, set on beautiful beaches.
  2. Monte Mapu Festival – Chile: Celebrates indigenous culture along with psychedelic trance music.
  3. Moonflower Psytrance Festival – Argentina: Known for its breathtaking landscapes and strong lineup of artists.
  4. Earthdance – Various Locations: A global festival celebrated in various South American countries, promoting peace and sustainability.
  5. Amazonas Andes Festival – Peru: Offers a unique experience combining Andean culture with psytrance music.
  6. Psymind Festival – Embracing the Rhythm of the Amazon

Central America

  1. Tribal Gathering – Panama: A unique blend of indigenous culture and electronic music, including psytrance.
  2. Cosmic Convergence – Guatemala: A festival that takes place over New Year’s, combining music with Mayan traditions.

South Africa

South Africa is particularly well-known for its psytrance scene, hosting several significant festivals:

  1. Alien Safari – A long-standing festival known for its vibrant atmosphere and stunning locations.
  2. Vortex Open Air – Celebrated for its beautiful settings and strong community vibe.
  3. Earthdance Cape Town – Part of the global Earthdance network, this festival is known for its peace-promoting ethos.
  4. Organik – Gaian Dream – Offers a blend of nature and psytrance music.
  5. Jungle Fever – Known for its jungle-themed decorations and line-up of local and international artists.
  6. Rezonance New Year’s Eve Festival – A popular choice for welcoming the new year with psytrance beats.
  7. Twilight Open Air Festival – Features a variety of electronic music, including psytrance.


Morocco has also hosted psytrance events, notable for their unique blend of local culture and electronic music:

  1. Transition Festival Morocco – Known for its focus on spiritual awakening and music.
  2. Atlas Electronic Music & Arts Festival – A blend of local and electronic music, including psytrance.


Kenya’s psytrance scene is emerging, with festivals that combine music with stunning natural landscapes:

  1. Kilifi New Year – A vibrant festival celebrating diverse music, including psytrance, set in a beautiful location.


In Egypt, the psytrance scene is more niche but growing:

  1. Sandbox Festival – While not exclusively psytrance, it features a range of electronic music genres, including psytrance.


  1. HillTop Festival – Goa
  2. Shiva Valley – Goa
  3. Psychedelic Circus – Various Locations


  1. The Experience Festival – Koh Tao
  2. Half Moon Festival – Koh Phangan
  3. Full Moon Festival – Koh Phangan


  1. Universal Religion – Kathmandu
  2. Everest Base Camp Music Festival – Solukhumbu


  1. SOL Festival – Kanto
  2. Nagisa Music Festival – Osaka


  1. BaliSpirit Festival – Bali
  2. Dance For Peace Festival – Gili Air


  1. Spirit Tribe – Yunnan
  2. Midi Electronic Music Festival – Various Locations

South Korea

  1. Global Gathering Korea – Seoul
  2. Ultra Korea – Seoul (While primarily an EDM festival, it often features psytrance artists)

Sri Lanka

  1. Atman Festival – Sri Lanka

Israel (Asia part)

  1. Doof Festival – North Israel
  2. Indigo Festival – North Israel


  1. Rainforest World Music Festival – Sarawak (While not exclusively psytrance, it features a diverse range of electronic music)


  1. Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival – Puerto Galera (Features a mix of genres, including electronic music)


  1. Rainbow Serpent Festival – Held in Lexton, Victoria, this is one of Australia’s most famous electronic music, art, and lifestyle festivals. It’s known for its strong emphasis on sustainability, community, and cultural diversity.
  2. Earth Frequency Festival – Located in South East Queensland, Earth Frequency is a celebration of music, art, lifestyle, and environmental awareness. It’s an event that blends outdoor festival experience with a touch of electronic music.
  3. Eclipse Festival – Organized in various locations, often coinciding with solar eclipses, this festival offers a unique experience with its timing and focus on celestial events, alongside great music and art.
  4. Esoteric Festival – Taking place in Donald, Victoria, Esoteric is an annual gathering for psytrance lovers, offering a diverse range of electronic music and a rich cultural experience.
  5. Psyfari Festival – This New South Wales festival has gained a reputation for being a wild and free celebration of music, arts, and nature, although it’s worth noting that it has had some hiatus years.
  6. Dragon Dreaming Festival – Set near Canberra, this festival celebrates art, music, nature, and community, and is known for its intimate and friendly atmosphere.
  7. Regrowth Festival – Held in New South Wales, Regrowth is not just a music festival but also a platform for environmental regeneration, where attendees participate in reforestation activities.
  8. Burning Seed – Australia’s regional Burning Man event in New South Wales, while not exclusively a psytrance festival, often features a range of psytrance music and art within its broader scope.
  9. Happy Daze Festival – Located in Queensland, this festival is a vibrant mix of music genres, including psytrance, and offers a blend of visual and performing arts.
  10. Subsonic Music Festival – Taking place in Monkerai, New South Wales, Subsonic is a melting pot of music styles, with a significant emphasis on electronic music, including psytrance.
  11. Strawberry Fields – This festival in Victoria is known for its diverse line-up, including electronic music genres like psytrance, and a strong focus on art, creativity, and community.
  12. Rabbits Eat Lettuce – Held in Queensland, this festival allows people to express themselves freely and escape the outside world. It features a variety of music, including psytrance.
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