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Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet Born in the United States is traveling a lot. I met him in Tenerife (Canary Islands / Spain) a couple of years ago at a psytrance party there where he was playing. He is DJing and producing psytrance. Check out his tracks on soundcloud!

What fascinates you about the psytrance culture?

What fascinates me is a lot of things or should I say “EVERYTHING”.
The love, the dance, the culture, the energy, the power, the people, the high-minded traveling wisdom from one soul to another.
Unfortunately I must say as I have been budding with the culture and music around me, the culture, the psytrance movement, the era, the generation it has completely changed. “(EVERYTHING’S CHANGED).”

The old school vibe of peace love unity respect (PLUR) has only been debasing with time . Materialism is associated with self centeredness and how it used to be considered as a wrongdoing a total contradiction to the origin and how surprisingly from the past decade it has become the prime centre of interest.

Festivals are popping up overnight on the map like mushrooms after a rain. Which is a good thing as the culture and music is scattering to every corner of the world. The spread is good but it’s also bringing in the superfluous, the aspirants, the poor souls with half knowledge of the sincerity and the purity of the culture, same applied to the music!

Where it used to be about the people with insecurity and lack of self-confidence to open up through active meditation (dance) and connecting with one another, where nights turned into mornings and friends turned into family . Now its all about ego and judgment with a smile!
New subgenres come in and out, it’s an ever-changing process. Psytrance is a culture, so it will stay here for quite a while.

What are your musical influences?

To be honest my very first musical influence was a very near and dear friend of mine, a sound engineer an Artist/DJ in the works who sadly passed away at the age of 22 before he could even mark his existence in the psychedelic world . I remember “Infected Mushroom” used to be our jam back in those days.

That is when my heart opened up welcoming new music to my soul streaming through all the old schools : Goa Gil, Astral Projection, Shpongle, 1200 micrograms, Indra, Astrix, Talamasca, GMS, Skazi, Electric Universe, Eskimo, Yahel, Vibe Tribe, Gataka, Wrecked Machines, Sub6, Space Buddha, Beat Hackers, Digicult, CPU, U-Recken, Azax Syndrom, and many MANY more… you get the vibe!

In the end the one Artist that truly connected with me, who I must say I was very fortunate to meet and watch him perform in Goa in my early phase of being a part of the psy family was/is…. PSYKOVSKY!

We as an artist have a responsibility towards our audience. What is the keynote that you want to pass on to your listeners, what is your message?

The message is crystal clear…. Live, Laugh & Dance!

LIVE: To live is the most extraordinary thing in the world , most people just exist!
So get out there and be yourself, be imaginative, be wild, be you, do you, for you.. in short simply embrace your weirdness.

LAUGH: Laughter is an instantaneous vacation, a happy place!
Everyone is at war with their own demons, trust in your progression and go with the flow, love and treasure every moment of life with laughter because life is too short, so make the most of what you have at this minute because many ill-fated can only wish for what you have now. Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years.

Dance: Dance is active meditation. Dance is the unknown language of the soul, so dance because you are a free man, a free soul, a free bird, a phoenix, a dragon, a wolf whoever and whatever you want to be you can be, because what you think is what you make!

PS: Life is much better when you dance and you look beautiful on the trance floor!

When you would start over again, what would you do different?

I would like to answer this question with a different approach as I feel that every day when we wake up it is a blessing, a gift, a new start, a new day, a new process, new challenges, new opportunities, new tasks, new responsibilities, new atmosphere, new acquaintances, new knowledge. Every new day is another chance to change your life to start over again, to recreate what you desire because every new day you’re not starting from scratch. You’re starting from experience. Do not miss this moment!

Please name one piece of your production gear you like and tell us why you like it!

As a novice producer and at a snail’s pace getting my hands dirty on gears. I would say that with time and technology now, there are many beautiful beasts out there on which I would like to get my hands on.

Speaking about my personal studio gear, I would say Akai APC key 25 is my baby I make love to when it comes to production.

Why I like it?

Is because it’s a powerful instrument, a very compatible MIDI controller insanely portable and very light indeed. It is a great fit for beginners. It provides a vast array of possibilities and selections for creativity, both in composition and in live performances.

It’s amazingly effortless to use with Ableton Live. It just works seamlessly straight out of the box with no type of setup needed. The synths it comes with (Hybrid and TWIST) are grand and honestly well worth the price on their own, with tons of great-sounding presets to get started right away as well as a lot of opportunity to tweak and modify the sounds you get with a bit of a learning curve to it all as you discover and figure out the know how in order to create melodies and construct bass lines!

APC key 25 helps you go anywhere with a computer without sacrificing and functionality, specially for artists who are traveling super-light!

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