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Inner Sphere

Tell us a bit about yourself! Where where you born and where are you living? What is the name of your project(s) and why and how did you start with it?

Hamid panahi 30 years old i was born in iran and living in iran’s ardebil city the coldest city of iran maybe 4 or 5 meters of snow is here right now hehe. inner sphere is the name of my project, artist at Techsafari recordings from Canada. I choosed this name because i’m always having an image from space and galaxies in my mind and thats also what my music represents so the name and the theme of the tracks also can send you a feeling about cosmic and outer space [ Beyond The Horizon, Accessing The Universe and … ].

I started learning from many years ago but for fun and i never thought one day i will become an artist, suddenly i released my first 2 tracker ep on zen mechanics record label sourcecode transmissions called beyond the horizon which was huge for me and changed everything and pushed me forward thanks to wouter for supporting. Then i had some on iono music and finally my dream came true and i joined to a label which i always was dreaming to be a part of it techsafari records my homelabel and all of my tunes will come from there.

We released many tracks by now, remix to my good friends zyce, freqfield my 2 tracker ep humanoid, solo track accessing the universe which was selected also for psynation radio show by ace ventura and liquid soul much respect and big love for the guys <3 <3.  My new solo track temple of gods a 145 bpm fullon track which will come out on march16th on techsafari records as always.

Many remixes will come, one of them is a remix to Protoculture’s classic track [ secret for now hehe ] collaborations with beautiful friends such as kanobi and other lovely friends, many many news will come.

What fascinates you about the psytrance culture?

Among all of these styles and genres psytrance has the most beautiful things inside of it’s world, away from commercial scene at least there are not much like the other genres, beautiful crowds, artists, festivals, unity, even if you are listening psytrance at home you can feel the vibe of being in a festival with playing around and raja ram is blowing up the stage and dancefloor hehe, psytrance is and always will be pure and different than others with beautiful peoples around and even if i go back to the begining i will definitely choose psytrance, it’s a big culture and a way of living and thinking.

What are your musical influences?

First of all r.i.p Cosma album nonstop which im listening to it almost every week the track from that album minimal vertical blows my mind every time im listening to it and definitely old school psytrance vibes, i’m listening everyday to old psytrance era and it really doesn’t matter which track is playing as long as it’s old school, goa or prog or fullon all of them. Also it can be a movie or even listening to a country music as i listen to a lot of country songs but the one and the most thing which shows the inner sphere sound and style is definitely the vision from space which i can’t remove from my mind, i’m always thinking and reading things about other universes and i’m really want to know are there any species like humans on other planets ?

We as artists have a responsibility towards our audience. What is the keynote that you want to pass on to your listeners, what is your message?

I’m not a guy to send advices honestly as i like to take advices 🙂 but listen to your favorite music, feel free and go with your own flow, keep dancing 24/7, and making the earth together better place to be in and keeping it away from wars and shits and bringing peace which we need it so bad right now at the moment because without peace humanity do not have meaning, no one can stop you from anything unless you don’t want to, and always keep big dreaming.

When you would start over again, what would you do different?

Keep thanking and blessing friends, artists and all the guys who helped me to grow me up way more than before specially my family and of course my homelabel manager Erik Amyote the guy that i owe him a lot because these things and successes wouldn’t happened if there wasn’t an Erik, changed my whole career and it’s a huge honor to working with him, and it’s a big gift for me that now i’m in this universe and breathing and i can express the feeling of myself.

Please name one piece of your production gear you like and tell us why you like it.How is the situation

All you will need are 3 things monitors and accoustics and daw for making and from among my gears i would like to choose my monitors Dynaudio bm6a which i had adam a7x before but now its bm6a and also making my accoustic better than before to get the better result.

Regarding psytrance culture in Iran? How do the authorities react?

Well we don’t have any festivals and parties are completely illegal and very underground and no one is allowed to show something in public. So you need to stay by yourself and grow up by yourself in inside but i hope once that day will arrive and so we will be able to show ourselves more and better than every time 🙂

Thank you for having me

Hamid a.k.a. Inner Sphere

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