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Minimal Audio Current – Vst Synthesizer

This versatile synthesizer plugin is one of the best matches for electronic music and especially for psytrance production. The outstanding combination of high quality technologies and a flawless user interface integrate perfectly in your workflow.

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Festivals & Events:


SUN Psytrance Festival Hungary

SUN psytrance festival hungary is a community experience in the wild parts of Hungary with beautiful natural surroundings that attract

Psytrance Festival

Ozora Psytrance Festival 2023

Located near the village of Dadpuszta in Hungary, this festival attracts a cosmopolitan crowd and offers more than just music.


Scion of Mars

Here an interview with my psy-friend Scion of Mars. On his website you can download his track “Gaya” for

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Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet Born in the United States is traveling a lot. I met him in Tenerife (Canary Islands / Spain)

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Psytrance in Finnland

Anni Murtosaari is one of the driving forces behind the Gothic-Hippie-Industrial-Psytrance scene in Finnland. How many parties do you do

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Vimana Shastra

Today I talk with Vimana Shastra / Dynamic Freakuencies. He is Co-Founder of Juicy Noise Records and lives in Oslo

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