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Master of Puppets – Czech Republic

Easily one of the most immersive and special festivals in my life. It takes place in a really special location that makes you feel connected with nature and the overall atmosphere is very strong, which creates a strong sense of community. The music is fantastic ranging from psychedelic to hi tech, but it definitely focuses on faster and darker music so don’t expect too much deep forest or goa! It’s a very special festival and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves hi tech or dark psy, especially for the first timers.

Taking place in a beautiful location close to Brno, Master of Puppets is a 7 days & 7 nights event that immerses you in a magical European forest setting. Master of Puppets aims to offer an inclusive haven where experimental dark psytrance and music culture thrives. With a revolutionary Lambda Labs QX3 sound system and over 200 artists across three stages, this is an event you will not want to miss.

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