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Interview with Darkland

Mohammad (Darkland) is a psytrance producer and DJ form Iran.

What fascinates you about the psytrance culture?

The independence of this genre attracts me to it. Psytrance involves a wide spectrum of styles from most aggressive and speedy ones.
Having rich and deep culture makes this genre to be one of the authentic and acceptable styles. The main topic of music in psytrance relates to the inside world of humans and become of that this kind of music takes profound effect on mind and soul of human. This effective makes psytrance so interesting for me.

What are your musical influences?

Everything is attractive to me and i can be affect by it. Darkness or brightness have their own cons and pros.

We as an artist have a responsibility towards our audience. What is the keynote that you want to pass on to your listeners, what is your message?

My main message to my listeners is that music can be considerered as a drug and there is no reason for taking drug. Especialy when it comes to psytrance. Unfortunately taking drugs leads to understanding of the real meaning of music.

When you would start over again, what would you do different?

I am looking for trying domestic styles and mixing a wide range of domestic styles of music attract a lot of listeners. I firmly believe that when people are stranger towards music they dont have tendanay towards it but thanks to mixing science of belowing.

Please name a piece of your production gear you like and tell us why you like it.

Monitor: Yamaha HS8
Sound Card: Tascam US 2*2

I think their quality is more than its price. In my first opinion the computer system. And then the monitor and sound card are very important.

How is the situation Regarding psytrance culture in Iran? How do the authorities react?

Unfortunately Psytrance is illegal in Iran and if you founded while you are playing this genre (or another EDM genres) you wil be punished severly. not only psytrance has benn supported but also a lot of measures have been taken against it. Thus the majority of people in Iran do not have a clear idea about psytrance. I have a dream that if one day i make a big name for myself in psytrance i wil help artists in my country.
A person who creat a art pieces in this situation deserver a huge respect. Composing music in Iran is like paticipating in a marathon without shoes. I hope to see one day all artist can compose & work in the same situation.

thanks, Darkland.

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