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Psytrance DJ Genetrick

Micky G., known as Genetrick in the world of psychedelic trance music, stands out as an artist who has deeply impacted the psytrance scene. His journey in music began in 2012 when he released his first productions under the Genetrick moniker, quickly gaining recognition and releasing tracks on esteemed labels like Iboga Records, Hummega Recs, and Tesseract Studio​​.

Genetrick’s music is a unique blend of progressive trance and psychedelic full-on trance, characterized by colorful melodies and powerful riffs. He values diversity in his music, which is evident in his tracks that range from progressive to full-on dance floor styles. His commitment to creating music that moves and compels people to dance is the core of his artistic vision​​.

A notable highlight of his career was his longest set at the ‘Seeds of Freedom’ festival in Portugal. Playing the closing set, he performed for 3 hours and continued for an additional 2 hours at the afterparty. This experience, as he described, allowed him to connect with the crowd on a different level and was an immensely enjoyable and memorable experience​​.

Genetrick’s adventurous spirit extends beyond music. He spent a year living on a container ship, traveling across the eastern hemisphere as a Security Officer, ensuring the safety of the ships from pirates. This experience was part of his life as an adventurer, taking on one of the most dangerous jobs while enjoying the thrill of visiting various countries​​.

His debut album, “Starseed,” released on Iboga Records, is particularly special. It’s not just a collection of tracks but a concept album that tells a story, inspired by his love for albums that narrate tales, like ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd. The album creates an imaginative world that blends with his passion for psychedelic music, featuring a sci-fi environment and a central character in search of enlightenment​​.

Genetrick’s musical journey began at a young age, starting with a rock/metal band where he was the lead guitarist. His exploration in music led him to psytrance, influenced by the progressive trance scene emerging in Northern Israel. The energy and creativity of these outdoor parties fueled his passion, eventually leading to the birth of Genetrick. His first EP earned him his first international gig in Switzerland, marking a significant milestone in his career​​.

Looking ahead, Genetrick plans to continue evolving, seeking collaborations with other artists in various psychedelic genres. He is working on a compilation with artists he admires and is open to exploring new projects, including one with faster BPMs and another with slower beats for live shows​​.

Genetrick’s story is one of passion, diversity, and constant evolution. From his unique beginnings to his current status as a renowned psytrance DJ and producer, he has continually pushed the boundaries of his art, creating a significant impact in the world of psychedelic trance music.

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