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Champa (Enterrec)

I met Champa a couple of years ago in Tenerife at the Winter S.U.N. festival. So I decided to Interview that bright figure as well.

What fascinates you about the psytrance culture?

Well that is like saying why do I live. My whole life has been dedicated to being involved with music. I began to learn to play vinyl when I was 2 years old and started to learn to be a DJ when I turned 16, beginning with many different genres including Jungle & Garage moving into Hard Trance, Hard House, German Techno. Progressing with Happy Hardcore later Progressive House & Funky House.

Then after that point returned to main stream Trance. By 2005 I went to my first Full-On Psy-Trance outdoors event (Psy Invasion). Till that point I was always searching for what I wanted to be as an artist and performer.

Moving music genres because the music took me into different directions. The reason was simply living life. The main reason I kept moving around with music was also a very important factor to be with the right people! The people who also listened the same style of music. So when I started in 1994 I really loved the music but the people were not for me. So to sum up why I am fascinated by the psytrance culture. It would be because of not only the love of the music but the people who surround it.

As the scene grows larger all the time. Of course many new people come in to our culture. And we have to be accepting of everyone. Even if they are not for you. The point is to live happily and I do this with Psy Trance as music and a culture for the past 15 years and hopefully forever.

We as artists have a responsibility towards our audience. What is the keynote that you want to pass on to your listeners, what is your message?

Be kind to others. We were all young once. We all had to learn about the culture of the environment sounding us. In Psy-trance it is a BIG part of that music scene. So the main point is to always guide the young ones who join us with information, an open heart and most importantly love.

You told me you own a label. Tell me more about it!

I started with Psy-trance in 2005. By 2007 I found my way to joining “Free-Spirit Records” as DJ. As a result of the fore-coming birth of my son (Vinnie), In 2011 I began to produce Psy-Trance and become one of the those producers, it seemed to natural progression to be able to stay doing what I loved in the scene I enjoyed.

And if I did not make my success soon after I would simply leave it as a dream. But in 2012 I joined “Y.S.E. Recordings” and began to release my music. Having released many track’s with them and many other labels to. Responsible for A&R and releasing double CD compilations (GOA SERIES), 4 every year for many years. I still didn’t find myself in the place I wanted to be. In 2017 I was steps away from Joining “Dacru Records”, but in the end the smarter way (for me personally) was to set up my own label. And in the summer of 2017 “Enterrec Music” had its first release. It simply is a psychedelic trance record label, which these days covers many styles in psy. The main point is to release good music from good people.

What are your musical influences?

A huge question in itself. Any artist who made my brain frequency resonate in the right way. There are too many artists in the world to mention. And as artists progress the music style generally changes with the years. But if we are strictly talking about Psy-Trance, then it would be in this kind of timeline progression:
Infected Mushroom ,Astrix, Sesto Sento, Oforia, GMS, Protoculture, Tron, Polaris, Suduaya, Talamasca, Atma, Bit-Kit, Digicult & Tropical Bleyage.

What is for the future?

I am in this for the long haul. Which means the label will grow, as will my production. Currently working on my 4th studio album which should be ready by Autumn of 2020. Helping producers and dj’s to realise their goals and dreams within the scene, growing the “Enterrec” label family. To continue to meat amazing people and share good times in my country and around the globe.

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