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For years, sound engineers have hailed the Funktion One system at the stage as among the best in the festival world.

The Best Sound System Brands For Electronic Music Festivals


The American audio company JBL (James Bullough Lansing) has a reputation for quality speakers that are designed to protect your ears while listening to your favorite music. JBL offers a variety of different types of speakers, including portable devices and wireless loudspeakers. Their products are designed to amplify sound without damaging your ears, making them ideal for electronic music festivals.

These loudspeakers are ideal for electronic music because they can produce a wide range of frequencies and a deep bass response. Moreover, they have a high-frequency boost feature that improves the clarity of mids and highs. This feature is useful for separating vocals from bass and drums. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Some models are available in a rechargeable battery version.

The JBL VTX A12 is equipped with next-generation speaker components and a streamlined rigging system. Its redesigned Radiation Boundary Integrator delivers distortion-free audio for massive coverage across a large area, which is perfect for the dance floor at an electronic music festival. Moreover, the VTX A12 features the same quick-rigging system as its predecessors, which means you can set up your stage in less time and have more time to enjoy the music.


Founded by quantum physicist Christian Heil in 1984, L-Acoustics had the simple aim of developing solutions anchored in science to serve the touring industry. They went on to revolutionise line source array technology, a standard that has since been adopted by countless venues, arenas and festivals around the world. Today, the company is a global leader in premium professional sound reinforcement systems with a product range that suits every type of application: touring of all levels, events, installations and AV.

In a nutshell, their systems use highly directive line source loudspeakers to provide uniform coverage across the venue, with no “dead spots” and excellent sound consistency. Their flagship L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound system is a true revelation, and it’s one of the reasons why so many artists choose to play their shows on an L-Acoustics solution.

It’s no surprise that British Columbia’s underground champion Bass Coast uses a massive Trinity rig to deliver an immersive experience at their festival. The team behind the event has a shared love of music and sound system culture, which is evident in their sonic aesthetic – from the music curated to the speakers they use.

Another great system is L-Acoustics’ Syva, which has a sleek design that looks good in any environment. It can be used in a variety of configurations, including as a quick and easy balcony fill, and its modular nature allows it to scale up or down with ease. Last year, it was deployed at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris to provide sonic coverage for the audience and models.

The company’s Kara and K1 systems were designed primarily for large-scale events, and they remain the choice of top tour and festival engineers worldwide. The new K1-A features the latest in acoustic research and development, including the revolutionary PULS technology, which increases power density without sacrificing clarity or frequency response. The result is a larger system with greater power, flexibility and stability than ever before.

You may have seen L-Acoustics’ huge banana-like black speaker arrays suspended above a gig, or perhaps you’ve enjoyed a cocooned evening listening to Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini on Pitchblack Playback’s immersive Ocean system in Highgate. It’s the French manufacturer’s flagship immersive system, and it’s now available for you to enjoy in your own home.

Funktion One

Funktion One is one of the leading sound system brands for Electronic music festivals. Its systems are known for their ability to reproduce bass frequencies, with a deep and full sound. They are also able to deliver high frequencies with clarity, transparency and an eye-catching aesthetic. They have four main product ranges – the Resolution, Evolution and Dance Stack series, as well as smaller systems called Pods.

Their founders were the co-founders of Turbo Sound, a pioneering loudspeaker manufacturer in the ’70s. They’re responsible for several generations of revolutionary speaker design. Their ethos and approach to audio are highly respected. They have a strong anti-line array stance, and often criticise the use of line arrays for live events.

The company’s systems are widely used in top clubs, including Berghain & Sisyphos in Berlin and Space & Output in New York. They’re also the preferred choice of DJs, producers and promoters alike.

In a world where the majority of people go to festivals to dance, good sound is key to getting the crowds up and dancing. Many festivals rely on large Funktion One systems to deliver a punchy and crisp sound, while still complying with noise ordinances and other regulations.

Unlike other sound systems, Funktion One’s system uses horn-loaded point source speakers to create a highly responsive acoustic output. This allows them to achieve a high conversion rate of amplifier power into acoustic energy. This creates a natural, immersive and responsive sound quality that’s ideal for dance music.

Funktion One’s claim to be ‘dedicated to raising our sonic consciousness’ isn’t just empty marketing. It’s backed up by their dedication to creating innovative solutions for every kind of audio challenge. The company is a leading influence in industry sound system standards, with a consistent affinity for innovation from a spiritual and technical stance.

The founders of Funktion One are renowned in the music world as audiophiles with a keen eye for detail and a love of all things musical. Their passion for creating a better world through the medium of audio is clear from their work, and their dedication to improving the overall listening experience at every level of their products.

The Sound that Unites: d&b audiotechnik at Music Festivals

In the world of music festivals, where the essence of the performance is not only in the notes but in the air itself, the choice of sound system is paramount. It’s here, amidst the sea of eager faces and open hearts, that d&b audiotechnik systems take center stage, not just as equipment, but as the very medium through which artists and audiences connect on a profound level.

Crafting Immersive Experiences

d&b audiotechnik, renowned for its precision, power, and clarity, has become a staple in the festival scene. What sets these sound systems apart is their unparalleled ability to create immersive soundscapes. With technology that ensures every beat, bass drop, and vocal nuance is felt as much as it is heard, d&b systems turn performances into experiences, enveloping audiences in a sonic embrace that transcends the ordinary.

The Art of Listening

Behind every d&b system is an ethos of listening—not just to music, but to the environment, the audience, and the needs of the moment. This philosophy is evident in how these systems are designed: to blend seamlessly into the background, ensuring that the spotlight remains on the artists and their art. Whether it’s the pulsating rhythms of electronic dance music or the soul-stirring melodies of live bands, d&b delivers with an authenticity that honors the original sound.

Engineering Connection

The magic of a music festival lies in its ability to forge connections—between strangers, between cultures, between hearts and minds. d&b audiotechnik’s systems play a pivotal role in this alchemy. Their engineering excellence ensures that sound is not just distributed, but shared, creating a collective experience that unites everyone within its reach. The clarity and depth of the sound mean that whether you’re at the front row or at the fringes, the experience is equally moving.

Sustainability in Sound

As we move towards a more environmentally conscious world, d&b audiotechnik is leading the way in sustainable sound. Their commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of their systems, without compromising on quality, is a testament to their forward-thinking approach. By investing in energy-efficient designs and long-lasting materials, d&b is ensuring that the joy of live music can be a legacy we pass on to future generations.

A Symphony of Technology and Passion

At the heart of d&b audiotechnik’s success is a blend of cutting-edge technology and a passion for music. This is evident in their continuous innovation, from array processing technology that optimizes sound dispersion to immersive sound experiences that redefine what live performances can be. It’s this spirit of innovation that keeps them at the forefront of the industry, pushing the boundaries of what sound systems can achieve.

The d&b Difference

To attend a festival powered by d&b audiotechnik is to witness a symphony of technology and emotion. It’s where every note played is a thread in the tapestry of a shared human experience, woven together by the hands of artists and amplified through the science of sound. This is the d&b difference: a sound that doesn’t just fill the air but fills the soul.

Meyer Sound: Elevating Electronic Music Festivals to New Heights

In the electrifying world of electronic music festivals, where every beat and bass drop creates ripples through the crowd, Meyer Sound systems emerge as the unsung heroes, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary realms of auditory experience. With a legacy of innovation and excellence, Meyer Sound doesn’t just amplify music; it elevates the festival experience, immersing audiences in a soundscape where every note is a palpable force.

At the heart of Meyer Sound’s philosophy is a commitment to precision and quality, ensuring that even the most complex electronic compositions are delivered with crystal-clear clarity. This dedication to excellence makes Meyer Sound systems the choice for festivals worldwide, where they serve not just as tools, but as integral components of the musical journey. Through their advanced technology, including the groundbreaking LEO Family of line array speakers, Meyer Sound creates an enveloping sound that reaches every corner of the venue, ensuring that each attendee, no matter their location, is part of the collective euphoria.

What truly sets Meyer Sound apart in the electronic music scene is its unwavering commitment to innovation. The company’s pioneering efforts in sound reinforcement, such as the Constellation acoustic system, have revolutionized live performances, allowing artists to explore new dimensions of sound and interaction. This forward-thinking approach ensures that every festival powered by Meyer Sound is an adventure, a shared exploration of the boundaries of sound and sensation.

But Meyer Sound’s impact extends beyond the technical; it’s about creating moments that resonate on a deeper level. It’s in the way a perfectly rendered drop can unite thousands in a single, shared heartbeat. It’s in the way a subtle melody can weave through the crowd, connecting us in ways words cannot. Meyer Sound systems don’t just play music; they craft experiences that linger long after the final note fades, leaving an indelible mark on the soul.

As we look to the future of electronic music festivals, one thing is clear: Meyer Sound systems will continue to be at the forefront, not just as purveyors of sound, but as architects of awe, designing the soundtrack for our most unforgettable moments.

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