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Let me promote your Psychedelic Music

The small but thriving Psychedelic Island Network, the new guy in town, is eager to promote your stuff and push it trough the social media universe. You as an artist should focus on producing music and let all this promotion crap do others.

By submitting your track, you agree that it is all of the following:

  • The Master rights are owned by you. Or;
  • If the master rights owner is a label, you have permission to submit this content.
  • This upload is not a bootleg, unofficial remix, or ‘edit’.
  • This upload does not contain uncleared samples, or stems from other songs.
  • You (or the label) are prepared to sign a legal permission agreement stating you (or the respective label) own(s) all of the content in this submission.
  • That this is upload does not contain parts of a composition retained within another song (ie. Covers, and/or interpolations)