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Hello Psytrance World

Since the mid 90’s I’m addicted to psychedelic trance music and it is going on and on. Psytrance triggers something in my brain which is difficult to explain, but it stimulates it in a kind of a spiritual way and I couldn’t figure out, in its full depth, till now what and why that is. Psytrance teleports me to another dimension, to a place where there are no petty bourgeois thinking pattern. It pretty much reminds me of a state I can reach through meditation.

To transmit this type of consciousness will be the keynote of this website. I want to try to open a gate to another world and remind you to keep in touch with the next dimension through psychedelic trance music. I will interview psytrance producer as well as psytrance party and festival organizer, DJ’s and other types of figures of our psytrance movement.

So in this sense, stay tuned.
Ananda Shanti

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