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Ozora Psytrance Festival 2023

Psytrance Festival

Located near the village of Dadpuszta in Hungary, this festival attracts a cosmopolitan crowd and offers more than just music. This event also features theater, influential speakers, and indigenous content.

The unique universe of the festival also includes an ARTibarn that provides workshops for all to participate in. These activities promote human interaction and raise awareness of environmental issues.

Who Will Play at Ozora 2023?

The line-up for Ozora Psytrance Festival 2023 is yet to be announced. However, it is expected to feature a diverse range of artists from across the globe. Some of the past headliners include dub pioneer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, mixmaster Morris and multi-instrumentalist The Orb. In addition to the music, the festival offers a variety of other activities and workshops. There’s the Artibarn for interactive arts and crafts, and the Chambok House for lectures on everything from building your own eco-community to the perspective-altering powers of psilocybin.

Europe’s biggest psychedelia-focused event, it’s unabashed in its love for Psy Trance and Goa Trance and has roots that snake all the way back to the free-loving sixties. Across the 16 areas you’ll find everything from mind-bending 24 hour DJ sets to crystal therapy and head-bobbing 6am dubtastic sets.

It’s possible to get to the festival by car, but we recommend traveling with a group to split the costs and reduce your carbon footprint. You can also join a carpool on the festival website to find other passengers heading to the same destination. The shuttle service will pick you up from the main parking lot of Budapest Airport and drop you right at the entrance of Ozora.

How to Get to Ozora 2023?

One of the most immersive psychedelic experiences in Europe, Ozora’s 16 areas are like a parallel universe. From 24 hour Psy DJ sets to crystal therapy and head-bobbing 6am dubtastic sessions, there’s something for everyone at this festival of openness and togetherness. Even the founder of Goa Trance himself, Gil, was at this year’s event for a 24-hour set.

As if the music wasn’t enough to get you there, the Ozora Festival also offers healing activities at its official ‘Healion’ pavilion. These include Thai massages, crystal therapy and calming-balancing sound healing sessions. The festival’s Wheel of Wisdom program is also on offer, where you can learn about the evolution of consciousness through a series of lectures and ritual participations.

The festival is located near Dadpuszta, Hungary, around 140 km from Budapest. If you’re coming by car, you can use the online carpooling service to find a ride and split the cost of travel. This is a great way to save money on transport and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time!

To enter the festival, you’ll need to show your wristband at the gate. Wristbands cannot be transferred or tampered with, and must be worn at all times. You can find more information about this at the festival’s website. If you have any questions, you can also contact the festival’s customer service team at any time.

What to Bring to Ozora 2023?

The festival site is located in a beautiful natural environment, and the organizers offer a number of workshops to promote human exchange and raise environmental awareness. The ARTibarn, for instance, is a reimagined old barn where visitors can try their hand at different art forms like woodwork, pottery, basket weaving, and more. The event is also home to the Wheel of Wisdom (WoW) program, which provides a variety of lectures and ritual participations on the evolution of consciousness.

Aside from its six unique music stages, the event boasts a wide range of other activities to provide attendees with a truly holistic experience. The ‘Healion’ is the official pavilion of healing activities, and it offers everything from Thai massages to crystal therapy and guided relaxation. Ozora 2023 also offers a number of yoga classes and meditation sessions.

The festival is seven days long, but it’s recommended that you arrive a day or two early to avoid the crowds. If you want to camp, it’s best to book a tent or caravan from the official festival website to guarantee a spot. Otherwise, you can camp anywhere in the festival grounds as long as it’s not too close to the stages or any other activity areas. In addition, there are a number of hotels and B&Bs located near the festival site.

Where to Stay at Ozora 2023

OZORA Festival is set on a beautiful 100 acre field and offers free camping for the entire week. The grounds are fully equipped with a variety of facilities, including regularly cleaned eco toilets and shower stalls. There are also drinking water points, food stalls and a grocery store on the grounds. In addition, the festival has a doctor’s station on site for medical treatment. More serious cases can be transferred to Dunaujvaros Hospital, located around an hour away.

The unique universe of Ozora Festival goes beyond music and features an array of workshops, talks, dance and circus performances, art installations, markets and more. In addition, the onsite ARTibarn is a reimagined barn that features a wide range of art workshops. These workshops are designed to promote human interaction and raise awareness of the environment.

Whether you’re looking for an intense rave experience or a more serene yoga session, this one-of-a-kind gathering has it all. Founded to celebrate a solar eclipse back in 1999, this one-of-a-kind psychedelic tribal gathering has earned its reputation as the “Holy Grail of Psytrance Festivals.” With its unique stages and countless other activities, Ozora is the ultimate destination for those who want to get lost in a universe dedicated to music and consciousness.

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