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Universo Paralello Psytrance Festival in Brazil

Universo paralello festival

Universo paralello psytrance festival is one of the most popular electronic dance music festivals in Brazil. Its unique atmosphere and beautiful setting make it a memorable experience for all those who attend.

Psytrance carries with it a cultural continuity of relativism, hope and holism. This spiritual dimension is often dramatised within psychedelic festival narratives of re-awakening, such as those associated with 2012 and the Mayan calendar.

Universo Paralello is a psytrance festival

The Universo Paralello psytrance festival in Brazil is an immersive experience that celebrates the high-energy music of psychedelic dance. It brings together the best artists and performers to offer a unique musical and cultural experience. It also features workshops and seminars, making it a great place to learn about new music. In addition to a wide range of musical genres, the festival is an excellent opportunity to meet other music lovers and have fun.

This year’s event will feature a special focus on the theme of Ancestry. It’s a fitting tribute to the festival’s roots and to its community of Brazilian artists. This is the 16th edition of the Universo Paralello Festival, and it’s sure to be unforgettable.

Featuring a spectacular lineup of acts, the Universo Paralello festival offers something for every music lover. The lineup includes artists like Man With No Name, GMS, Virtual Light, and more. Aside from the music, the festival also features a number of activities, including yoga and art installations.

Whether you’re looking for an amazing place to spend the holidays or just want to get away from the everyday routine, the Universo Paralello psytrance fest is a must-see event. With a diverse line-up and stunning scenery, the festival is sure to please everyone. Make sure to book your tickets early!

Universo Paralello is a trance festival

Universo Paralello is one of the most important festivals of music and alternative culture in Brazil. It takes place in Pratigi, a hidden oasis of Bahia, surrounded by nature and only accessible by car or bus. The festival’s goal is to promote social awareness and respect for the environment, and it has a strong focus on sustainability. It also provides a platform for artists and organizations to collaborate.

This year’s lineup features many of the biggest names in trance music, including Infected Mushroom, Astrix and Freq Nasty. In addition to the amazing music, there are also a variety of activities and workshops that help create a diverse and holistic experience for attendees. Universo Paralello is an unforgettable experience that’s sure to please even the most die-hard trance fan.

Delux Twins is a talented pair of DJs with an eclectic style that has earned them some of the biggest gigs in electronic music. Their sets are infectious and full of groovy beats that will have you dancing all night long. They also have a knack for remixing, putting their own spin on songs that make them feel like new.

The Free Earth Festival is an annual event that celebrates the power of music and art in a natural setting. This year, it is being held on the beautiful Azapiko Beach in Sithonia’s wild west. The festival has a great atmosphere and offers several stages for musicians to perform on. It also offers a number of activities for attendees, such as yoga and meditation.

Universo Paralello is a techno festival

Universo Paralello is an electronic dance music festival in Brazil that features an eclectic mix of acts and DJs. The event is known for its large main stage and offers an exciting blend of music, culture, and art. Universo Paralello is also one of the most popular festivals in Brazil, and attracts visitors from all over the world.

If you’re looking for a place to unwind in paradise, the Universo Paralello festival is the perfect destination for you. Held on Pratigi Beach, the festival is a celebration of dance and trance. This year’s lineup includes some of the biggest names in EDM. You can expect a mix of techno, trance, and progressive styles.

Unlike other EDM festivals, the Universo Paralello music festival in Brazil offers a variety of activities and workshops, including yoga and massage tents. It’s an experience that you won’t forget. The event is hosted by VillaMix, which organizes a number of events throughout the country.

The Experience festival isn’t just a music fest – it’s a full-on extravaganza with eccentric staging and pyrotechnics. Its gargantuan stages are a sight to see, with DJs performing against a backdrop of obscure sculptures and fire shows. The Experience Festival has been around for two decades and is a top-notch musical event in Brazil. The festival is a great way to make unforgettable memories with friends and family.

Universo Paralello is a reggae festival

The Universo Paralello festival is an annual event that takes place on Pratigi beach in Bahia. It features a variety of acts, including musicians, djs, and performers. It also promotes sustainability and cultural conservation. The event is an excellent choice for music lovers and those looking to experience Brazilian culture.

The festival began in 2023 and has continued to grow each year. Its list of acts, djs and performers includes many well-known names from the world of electronic music. The festival also hosts a variety of other entertainment, from yoga to art exhibitions.

Its beautiful location and diverse lineup make Universo Paralello one of the most popular festivals in Brazil. It has become a destination for music fans from around the world, and has attracted famous artists such as Armin van Buuren and Axwell L Ingrosso.

Universo Paralello is a multi-genre event that showcases the best in Brazilian culture and music. The festival will feature a range of dance styles, from trance to reggae. It will also offer a wide selection of foods and drinks.

The festival’s decorations will include a Stragate-looking intergalactic portal, wood made colourful tents, and string-art. The Brazilian artists are also expected to bring some of their own home-grown talent with them, making this a truly unique event. If you want to get your tickets, check out Songkick for more details.

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