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Who tells your story?

Is better to drop everything and dance or sit in a lotus flower? Ways to different consciousness willfully and unconsciously. So how do we look for freedom and how do we find it closer than we thought. 

The world is full of techniques, books, sages and systems. And much more, but today about what constitutes an element of the psytrance culture and many others,  primarily all individual searches regarding release from stress, finding peace and sense in life, freeing the inner child and the energy of creation.

Many of the oldest methods, originating from the tribes of all continents, concern ways of entering into a trance. History has included natural medicine, the practice of conscious breathing, inspiration or ecstasy of creative processes, crossing the boundaries of pain, childbirth, rituals and dance. These paths are to enable us to look into the nature of things, reach collective consciousness, integrate the male and female elements, unity with nature and origin, and therefore with the foundation of ourselves. They are to give meaning to our existence.

Psychedelic states allow access to personal and collective energy, and with it interconnection, fertility, regeneration, compassion, sense of  belonging. Impressions arising from surrender, inspire, mobilize, feed and touch the root of human nature. These are deep experiences beyond time and space, but also a daily work on mindfulness and sense of integrity.

Inattention as the way to mindfulness

Trans is a state of remembering, kind of zeal in action, and thus forgetting about the past and the future. A man in a trance stops being a mind that constantly remembers the past and imagines the future. The mind works to prevent the unconscious, and thus the impression of origin from nothingness. To this end, he recalls memories that place man in the story of him. Pondering the past is the fear of pain and non-existence in the future, it’s a survival program.

Accepting the fact that the future is unknown allows to free ourselves from the desperate narrative of the past, and thus from tormenting memories, comparisons, fear. What does all this have to do with dance?

Dance is a method of expression, and these give the voice to what is hidden in us. When we express ourselves, we function in a different way than just receiving and filtering stimuli. Expression is like closing your eyes. For a moment, only us and our interior matter. While dancing, we often close our eyes and enter our own inner space. We release attachment to external stimuli, tell the story about ourselves in an intuitive way. When we let go of everything, remains pure joy.

Intuitive dance leads to release from body and mind blocks. It can be a way to find yourself among people, in sounds, but also to find yourself in yourself or in others. Especially when we open our eyes while dancing and are pleased to find that our pulse beats in the same rhythm, that the bodies tell the same story. What are we; The sum of actions and interactions with others?

The longer you dance or devote to any action, the more you lose the thought that you are the thought. You breathe here and now, your breath serves you to move your body, to live. You want to tell a story about yourself for others, for yourself. You want to show music to your heart and senses, for yourself and for others. The more intuitively you tell it, the more your story becomes one with the stories around you, the more you all tell the story of the sounds you perceive.

You become one with music, the earth, the ether, all stimuli and impressions that, unfiltered by the intellectual apparatus, come to you as they are, indifferent, but also beloved. The same happens to a surfer on a board, passionate about his passion, a dreamer among his dreams. You become one with your cognition, and finally with the universe. The first step is often to respond to music and remove barriers and blocks about how you look when dancing or what you want to achieve. Finally, you are not implementing a plan, a system, something that is not you.

You can implement whispers of sensuality instead of emotionality. A feminine element that is not limited to women’s bodies. It is a part of every soul in which what is conscious, forgotten, nurtured and repressed, dances side by side or fights a battle.


Do we feel that we truly are an integral part of the world after surrender to such states, or do we feel more alienated in the world outside this haven? Does the attitude of a properly practicing person, echoed by their thoughts and actions, create a soft blanket, on which the world around can also sit? Or maybe, this evil world makes fun of naivety and suggestible? Accuse of the selfishness of personal happiness?

Shamanic ceremonies, ritual dances, meditative temples can only seem Atlantis. A mythological land surrounded by a barrier from the energy of its inhabitants and at the same time its hosts. Stepping outside her vault can raise doubts as to whether someone will steal your backpack when you plant daisies in awe. Going out of the circle, returning to everyday life can dim the confidence and power that this participation has given. It is a pity that is needed to isolate such spaces, because I want to shout that there is earth and spirit here. It is a pity that appearing outside the zone I do not carry a crystal with the energy of Atlantis. Fortunately, the state of freedom and acceptance, you can keep in yourself through the daily practice of mindfulness.

Release technique

Many philosophies speak in a similar way about the same, about the mechanism of surrender, which I explain after the doctor, psychiatrist and philosopher David R. Hawkins:

Let you feel, give up, don’t change anything, don’t moralize, don’t block, it’s just a feeling. What energy is behind it? You don’t need it, thank you for it, say goodbye. Let go of the will to resist, it is resistance that makes the feeling last, disagreeing with what we feel, disagreeing with who we are. You are what you want, from now on, at the snap of your fingers, you do not make effort, just self-reflection. When you smile to yourself, it will be easier for you to give a smile to others. When you accept yourself, you allow everyone around you to be themselves. Let go of the fight, better think about learning, fulfilling dreams, defining priorities.

The starting feeling will pass into the next, not so strong, and these will disappear, gradually, with the participation of your will. It’s a process in which we cease to depend on anything but ourselves. Happiness is a decision, sometimes easier, sometimes more difficult, because life goes differently, but the easier it is for you, the easier it is to switch to the mode of happiness, and the harder it is for you, the harder you desire this happiness.

You know, you sense that happiness is available to everyone, it is the desires of the body and fear of the mind, that tell us is not, misleading us. They introduce the illusion that happiness depends on something, that you must earn it, chase it, you must pay for it with sacrifice, you must deserve it. Behind these thoughts, which drive us into our minds the morally beautiful cult of hard work, however, are materialistic goals. How often hard work is about status and possession, not love given to others, even the most resistant. How often sacrifice is a bitter refusal to own an item for another, not a sacrifice of having it at all. How often deserving is about our imaginary goals, not deserving of a cause or a man who needs help. Too often, happiness depends on these illusions.

Jesus said ‘to be in the world, but not from the world.’ The Buddha talked about avoiding attachment to phenomena of this world. So just  give up yourself, forget, when  laughing, dancing, loving, or meditating.

Sit down and breathe

Meditation is a way of giving up, keeping distance, acceptance. It’s an exercise of mindfulness and awareness. First of all, the path to a sweet feeling of love. Negative emotions are mechanisms of survival, impulsive reactions to an unfriendly world. We can give up giving in to these impulses, instead choose spontaneous joy, while observing these feelings in negative states. Let them pass without making noise. Meditation makes us a habit of not making noise about everything, cancels unreflective reactions, lets us observe impulses fired out of mind chemistry. Subjects cannot be disturbed because we do not stand stiffly on one leg, we only float in the salty ocean. We are free, not attached, in the world, for the world, but not from the world.

We perceive everything in terms of assessment, it’s fear. We always choose the attitude. It’s not karma, it’s our choice. It is not the goal of our life to sit in the lotus flower with the crown chakra floating in, the creative intelligence of the universe, and we are not here to suffer. This fear and suffering are here to get out of them. We must remember that for this we do not need anything special, everything we need is in us. Emotions are strengthened manifestations of belief, therefore they drag and activate.

You and your happiness do not cause suffering to people who can also find it in themselves. We have the freedom to choose attitudes. We can bite and pour bile on others, envy, anger and fear, and we can give ourselves, and therefore others, the right to happiness. The most important way to happiness is 40cm – the way from head to heart. It’s a condition and a choice.

Nobody or anything can undermine your happiness. Nobody or anything from the outside gives it to you. It is in you. Everything you need is not about anything outside. Happiness is like a walk in the woods. You walk and don’t go to the road on its edge.

You want to believe enough to laugh in happiness that you don’t care. And although Atlantis is open, if you are not ready to immerse yourself, you can stay on the surface, still taking water in your mouth.

Zuzanna Sadowska
Reflections based on the book ‘Letting Go: The Path Of Liberation’, David R. Hawkins and the book ‘Psychedelic Mysteries Of the Femenine’.

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